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Located in the heart of the city, Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon has been bringing many smiles over the years. If you are already in Bacolod proper, you just have to look for a Mandalagan-Libertad or Bata-Libertad jeepney so the driver can drop you straight in this beautiful landmark.

Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon

The illuminating effect of Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol

The Hataw

Its real beauty opens when the morning dew begins to vanish and the sun slowly shines. Early in the morning, health-conscious people gather in Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon to do an exercise inspired with the beat of lively music. Bacolodnons call it “hataw”. Take note, doing hataw in Bacolod Lagoonis free for all. You just have to wear your comfortable exercise outfit and do the moves led by the instructors on stage.

Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon

People gather for an early morning exercise

Capitol Park and Lagoon is a place where joggers are free to meet and greet anytime of the day. From sunrise to sunset, jogging and aerobics are the common exercise scenarios observed when we visit the place.

The Lagoon Sculptures

Greeting at the park’s main entrance is the tall Paghimud-os Monument made by Eduardo S. Castrillo. Built from 1972 to 1975, this tall sculpture stood like a guard facing Bacolod’s main road, the Lacson Street. Just an added thought, Paghimud-os is a Hiligaynon term for the word endeavour. Make sure that you come and visit the Paghimud-os Monument in a clear daylight, so that you will closely see and appreciate its details.

Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon

Sculpture of a woman beside the carabao facing south

Looking for another best spot for picture taking? You may choose to wear your best smile beside the giant sculpture of a woman who gracefully stands beside the carabao or near the statue of naked man pulling the other carabao. Both painted in gold, these firm water buffalo statues standing on opposite ends were made by Francesco Riccardo Monti, an Italian sculptor.

Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon

Sculpture of a man pulling the carabao facing north

Feeding Tilapias at the Capitol Lagoon

Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon

Tilapia fishes battle for popped rice

Just as the silent waters invite the cool breeze, many afternoon visitors would love to stay alongside the lagoon holding popped rice to feed the live Tilapia fishes in it. With only three pesos, you will surely enjoy seeing the Tilapias battling to eat your popped rice bought at the corner. Tilapias love popcorns too!

The Bacolod Capitol Park

On the corner of the park is a playground where happy children flock and mingle. Families and friends are free to bring their own picnic baskets and sit on the healthy green grasses.

In the afternoon when the sun is about to set, you will also see people coming in pairs or in groups to sit under the shades of the trees while enjoying the beauty of the huge fountain that seemingly dances in the middle of the man-made lagoon. You see, this place can be a good setting for bonding and conversations.

On the western side of this landmark is the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol which adds life to the place. It has an illuminating effect whenever the sun starts to come down.

Hungry? The 24/7 fast-food chains such as McDonalds, Jollibee, Chowking, and KFC are just on the other side of the road ready to satisfy your stomach just in case you get to visit Bacolod Capitol Park and Lagoon on the spot.