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General Santos City

The Antipolo barbecue station

General Santos City is not only limited to extravagant restaurants and food houses. This is also the city of palatable but super affordable eateries or “carenderias”. One of the most popular and favorite eating places within Gensan are the barbecue houses or stations located at Barangay Lagao, General Santos City. I know that the most common connotation given to foods like barbecues (or Bbq as the easiest way to spell it) is “street food” or something like dirty foods.  But let me tell you this time that the barbecues along Barangay Lagao highway can be best defined as a well-prepared and well-cooked dish rather than whatever other people might negatively say about it.

At Lagao barbecue houses or stations, you can enjoy dinner with your group without spending a large amount of money. Believe me, the cost is very cheap! The barbecues there are really loved and patronized by the people. Every night, each barbecue station is crowded with customers. As we all know, barbecues are easy to cook and one of the best remedies to those who are starving and impatient to wait for a longer minute to get the food done. The barbecues in Barangay Lagao, General Santos City may turn out to be just simple and not a grand viand; however, I can guarantee everyone that having those barbecues in your meal will surely make you shout for more additional rice and cause you burp with a great satisfaction.

How much are the barbecues?

Below is the list of the barbecues with corresponding prices.

  • Pork Barbecue: Php 5
  • Chicken Thigh Barbecue: Php 42
  • Chicken Wing Barbecue: Php 47
  • Chicken Skin Barbecue: Php 6
  • Chicken Intestine Barbecue (Isaw): Php 5
  • Chicken Liver Barbecue: Php 6
  • Chicken Gizzard Barbecue: Php 6
  • Chicken Butt Barbecue: Php 15
  • Pork Chorizo Barbecue: Php 12
  • Hotdog: Php 10
General Santos City

Rice covered with banana leaves placed on a wooden plate

I have marked pork barbecue with three asterisks to emphasize that it is the all-time favorite among all other barbecues  Aside from that, it is the cheapest but the tastier of all. The barbecues are served and perfect with soy sauce and “calamansi” for free.  By the way, the rice is also cheap for Php 7 each.

There are several barbecue houses or stations at Barangay Lagao, but I can only name two of them because I used to eat and buy there. One is the “Antipolo Barbeque” which has its another branch at Barangay City Heights, General Santos City and two is “Kuya Pete’s Barbeque” with an extended branch at Purok Malakas, General Santos City.

One thing I really love about Gensan’s well-known barbecue stations is the way foods are served. It is so Filipino style! They use wooden plate with a piece of banana leaves on it. The rice as well, is covered with banana leaf and served while still hot. As a piece of advice, you will best enjoy your foods using your own hands when eating. Believe me, it’s really fun to see the whole group eating with hands. I know most of the Filipinos are used to eating that way or at least they know how to do that. Don’t worry! you can wash your hands with the provided soap before and after eating because there’s one or two lavatories inside the barbecue station. Just bring your alcohol with you if you’re a bit health conscious.

General Santos City

Yummy Pork Barbecues

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