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Classic Savory | Cagayan de Oro

Classics to savor.

In a world that is filling with fast food and foreign cuisine, do you ever feel like having a good old fashion home cooked meal? I personally love home cooked meals as opposed to fast food because there is just something about the texture, flavor, and seasoning that makes me feel that I am eating something that was made with time and effort, as opposed to something that was made in a microwave for a quick profit. So, if you are looking for a place that has that nice home cooked meal and atmosphere to it, you should give Classic Savory a try.

Classic Savory has been cooking up classics since the 1950’s and their quality and service appears to be just as amazing and enjoyable as it was more than 50 years ago. During my night at Classic Savory, I had a very attentive waiter who constantly followed up with my table. He always asked if we needed anything or if we needed more drinks. It was very nice to feel like we were guests as opposed to just customers in the restaurant.

Classic Savory | Cagayan de Oro

Dinner for two at Classic Savory.

The menu at Classic Savory is quite extensive and offers a lot of great Filipino dishes for people to try. However, what Classic Savory is most famous for, and rightly so I might add, is their chicken. The chicken is very hard to describe because it has a really unique flavor that seems to blend well with the style of cooking and the herbs and spices that it is cooked in. Regardless, the end product is absolutely delicious and leaves you wanting so much more. The menu also has a lot of group options for parties in addition to their numerous single person entrees. However, a lot of benefit comes from the group items. I went with a friend and we ordered a meal that consisted of chicken, noodles, pork, and a dessert for each of us. Classic Savory is a really great place to go for couples because they can share an absolutely delicious meal at a very affordable price.

When it comes to the atmosphere that Classic Savory offers, you really get the feel that you are in a place of comfort and nostalgia. The night that I went was very full but we got a table in no time and happened to be sitting near a wall full of old black and white photographs. They were your typical pictures of people that opened the restaurant back in 1950, but the photo that really captured my attention was a photo of the old fashion Philippine Airlines airport. It was such a nice little black and white photo that really made the place feel like I was in someone’s home and looking at all of their old photographs of the years gone by. The pictures were such a nice touch that really opened up the place and made it feel so welcoming and homey.

Classic Savory | Cagayan de Oro

Classic savory entrance, service with a smile.

In summary, Classic Savory is a fantastic place to go when you want to have a fantastic experience at a great restaurant. The service is absolutely fantastic and the food is equally delicious. When I went to Classic Savory, it honestly felt like those times when I would come home after being away for so very long, like when I was in college and would go home for the holidays.

If you live in Cagayan de Oro City, or happen to be visiting the city, you can find Classic Savory on the third floor of the newly opened Ayala Centrio Mall located at the heart of the city. Classic Savory is a place and an experience that you will never forget, and with such great service, food, and atmosphere to offer its guests, you can honestly say that Classic Savory is indeed a classic.

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