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Contis Westgate Alabang

The first time I tried the food offered at Contis was years ago somewhere in BF, Paranaque. I already heard good reviews back then about this place that sells cakes and some delicious dishes. But it was only few years ago that I checked out Contis and what it got to offer. Unfortunately, that first time was not good for me; for some reasons, I was disappointed with what I picked to order that day. I had their well-loved Mango Bravo cake.

For someone who considers mango as one of my favorite fruit, I didn’t find the Mango Bravo cake at Contis too sweet for my palette. Aside from their famous cake, I also remember ordering a certain dish which I already forgot what it was. What I can’t forget though is the fact that I burnt my tongue when I was eating it. The experience was not as delicious yet as unforgettable as what Contis Pastry Shop & Restaurant promises that time.

After that experience in Contis at their BF branch, I never thought I would try another Contis pastry or dish. But in December 2012, few days before Christmas, I found myself in one of the branches of Contis once again. This time, I went inside their branch in Westgate, Alabang. My girlfriend and I bought a few cakes for her family to share. It was then that gave Contis another chance to redeem itself from the ‘bad taste’ it left me few years ago.

I tried their own version of native chocolate and is just what I look for in a chocolate drink. Their Choco Ga now finds itself in my list of rich-flavored chocolate drink. It just reminds me of home when I treat myself to a bitter-sweet choco drink made of tablea.

Contis Pastry and Restaurant didn’t only get a thumbs-up from me but it seems to make up for the years I thought of them negatively. I ordered their Callos while my girlfriend had Molo Soup and we just love them! I never thought an Ox Tripe can be so tender and delicious. My girlfriend ordered the molo soup only because it was one of the dishes that won’t take much time preparing and we were already hungry that time.

I am just glad to have finally broken loose of my disappointment with Contis. I have nothing but praise now for this restaurant. Since the place is just near my place in Alabang, it is just easy to keep coming back to this place.

I am sure they still have lots of delectable pastries and dishes. What excites me is the idea of me discovering newly-found favorites at Contis soon.

If you want to check out Contis Westgate, Alabang, it is near the entrance of Westgate; from the side where Fitness First is. If you have been to South Supermarket then you will not find it hard to get to Contis since it is just in the other side of the street.