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Chicken Inasal have always been visible from corner to corner when you are in Bacolod City. Inasal or chicken barbecue when paired with a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi and a kiss of chili has always been Bacolod’s trademark when it comes to food.

Inasalan is a Hiligaynon term for a place where chickens are grilled and served. Despite a tight competition in Bacolod market, The Bacolod Chicken House rise among the many inasalans over the years.

Chicken House Bacolod-Lacson Branch

Chicken House Bacolod-Lacson Branch

Bacolod Chicken House has few branches in the city but the one that is located in 24th Lacson Street is where we often dine. Aside from Manokan Country, Chicken House is considered as a home of the best chicken inasal in the city. Your trip to Bacolod will definitely be incomplete if you missed eating our Chicken House Inasal.

Inasal in Chicken House BacolodI still remember how I enjoyed my food when Miss Kaye and Sir Pe (my former bosses) took me for a free lunch in Chicken House one time. Being with them I knew that I really have to use my spoon and fork. However, I couldn’t help but asked permission if I could eat my meal using my bare hands. Let’s say, I love to be a cowboy and I preferred eating inasal that way.

The secret to fully enjoy your chicken inasal meal is to wash your hands and enjoy picking the juicy chicken strands with your fingers. It’s fun and it is actually the normal way of Bacolodnons to enjoy their chicken inasal.

A couple of days ago, I returned and dined in Chicken House Lacson Branch with my friends. I was with my Tita Chang, best friend Benny and a few other church mates when we decided to have lunch together before going home. It was already 1:30 pm and my stomach was already calling for food so I didn’t hesitate to agree. Upon grabbing a comfortable seat, a laminated house menu was handed to us.

The Bacolod Chicken House Menu


  • Pecho: Php 75.00
  • Paa: Php 72.00
  • Pakpak: Php 50.00
  • Isol: Php 30.00
  • Atay: Php 28.00
  • Baticulon: Php 22.00
  • Li-og: Php 18.00
  • Chicken Skin: Php 55.00
  • Lechon Manok: Php 185.00
  • Pork Spareribs: Php 86.00
  • Pork Barbecue: Php 28.00


  • Leche Flan: Php 30.00
  • Black Sambo: Php 35.00

Nestle ice cream varieties are also available.


  • Pepsi, 7-Up, Mt. Dew (12 oz.): Php 23.00
  • Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi/7-Up: Php 32.00
  • Tropicana Twister: Php 32.00
  • Gatorade: Php 35.00
  • Lipton Flavored Iced Tea: Php 20.00
  • Regular Iced Tea: Php 20.00
  • Bottomless Iced Tea: Php 35.00
  • Juice in Can: Php 32.00
  • Mineral Water: Php 20.00
  • SMB Pale Pilsen: Php 37.00
  • San Mig Light: Php 40.00
  • Cali: Php 35.00

Note: An additional 10% are given on food and drinks served inside aircon room. They also accept credit cards for payment.

This time, we ordered 2 Lechon Manok. Garlic rice has always been a perfect pair for all. I am not a rice monster but it seemed that one cup of rice was not enough. I don’t know if I was just hungry but I think it’s the chicken itself that made me crave for more rice. Aside from their juicy and delicious chicken, service crews were very accommodating as they were kind enough to take our requests. No wonder, many customers flocked in Chicken House especially on weekends.

Our recent order in Chicken House

Our recent order in Chicken House

Sometimes, you really have to forget your diet in order to enjoy life’s simple eating moments. So just in case you get to visit Bacolod City, don’t forget to dine at Bacolod Chicken House. After placing an order, the first thoughtful Hiligaynon question that you probably need to answer would be, “Sir, Ma’am, mapadugang kamu kan-on?” If you answered yes and I know you’ll be, that means you’re on for another cup of rice.

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