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“What to order?” is the first usual question that pops up on my mind whenever I enter a food house. However, when we entered the Malaspina Inasalan just last night, I wondered why I really need to answer the question which says, “Are there any vacant tables already?”

Malaspina Inasalan in Bacolod

Malaspina pork and chicken barbecues

Malaspina Inasalan is a simple yet busy barbecue house situated along Malaspina Street, Bacolod City. People, regardless of their social status, flock in this typical carinderia especially on Friday and Saturday nights. You will notice that several private cars park near this inasalan. This only proves that even fortunate individuals love the barbecues served in this simple place. Please be aware that Malaspina Inasalan is closed during Sundays.

Malaspina Inasalan in Bacolod

Customers flock in Malaspina Inasalan on weekends

Me and my college buddies decided to meet in Bacolod Capitol Lagoon. We gathered to finalize our plan for our upcoming get together party this December yet we ended up talking nonsense for more than an hour. After a short discussion, my hungry guy friends decided to have dinner together so I recommended the Malaspina Inasalan.

I wanted them to temporarily forget about those 24-hour fast food chains so I suggested going to Malaspina which was only few blocks away. The best way for us to reach Malaspina Street was to hire a tricycle. From Lagoon, we only paid Php10.00 per head going to Malaspina. Obviously, most of the drivers already knew that Malaspina is a famous inasalan where most Bacolodnons love to eat.

There were no vacant tables when we arrived. Since I was the one who recommended the place, the only solution I could offer was to wait until one table becomes available. While waiting, I managed to get the menu.

Malaspina Inasalan Menu

  • Pecho Pak: Php 50.00
  • Paa: Php 50.00
  • Isol: Php 40.00
  • Pakpak: Php 40.00
  • Drumstick: Php 25.00
  • Pork Chop: Php 45.00
  • Batikulon: Php 12.00
  • Dugo: Php 6.00
  • Isaw: Php 6.00
  • Chorizo: Php 23.00
  • Hotdog: Php 15.00
  • Tocino: Php 10.00
  • Rice: Php 8.00

They also have grilled Bangus and variety of fish slices ranging from Php 80.00 to Php 90.00. They also serve soft drinks to match your meal.

I told my girl buddies named April and Mary Rose to wait for vacant seats. Meanwhile, I accompanied our gentlemen namely Neil, Fritz and Rey to order some food. We ordered the traditional chicken inasal, grilled Tangigue slices, pork chop and isaw (chicken intestine). We enjoyed watching how they grilled our orders.

Malaspina Inasalan in Bacolod

Me and my college buddies in Malaspina Inasalan

We finally found our seats and the dinner was served after a few minutes. Rey, whom I already considered my younger brother, loved the grilled fish slices. Mary Rose still preferred to enjoy their famous chicken inasal. The rest enjoyed everything that was served on our table. Although I am not a rice lover, it’s a satisfying thing to know that my friends loved the barbecues and they kept on ordering an extra cup of rice.

Malaspina Inasalan in Bacolod

Some of our orders in Malaspina Inasalan

Inasalans here in Bacolod have their own secrets to satisfy the tastes of their customers. As for me and my friends, the Malaspina Inasalan gives you fresh, delicious and juicy inasals at a very affordable price.

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