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Marikina Market Mall

As for Marikeños – health is wealth. Considered as one of the top cleanest and greenest Cities in the Philippines, Marikina also has one of the biggest wet markets in the metro in terms of area.  Marikina market mall is popular for its clean and accessible wet market today, located at the heart of Marikina City, lies between the following barangay namely Kalumpang, Sta. Elena and Sto. Niño.

The market mall is once a place of chaos and disorderly manner of trading, buying and selling goods. The place is façade with mud and the community is tidy.  Thanks to the system and regulation implemented by then Mayor Bayani Fernando. The Marikina Wet Market is now reformed into a well maintain, clean and hassle free wet market from that it is now known as Marikina Market Mall.

Key feature of this wet market is the cold storage for its tenants. As far as I know, it is the first in the metro. In this market, people usually buy in bulk so as the creation of the so-called porter, they are the men who help you carry your goods while going from one stall to another. The Marikina Wet Market mall has roof in its pathways and for the record, the pathways of Marikina Market mall is a two lane road and consist of five roads intercepting each other.

The market is sorted from dry goods to wet goods or raw to ready to use products such as clothes, kitchenware’s – to meats such as fresh beef and chicken even the freshest seafood.  The wet section area is located on the far most area of the market, while located in front are vegetable and fruits stands. Beside the wet area is a 4-story building that houses the stalls of housewares like cabinets, appliances and the like.

On the second floor, you will find the tailoring area that caters for making customize dresses, barong Tagalog, uniforms and suits. The third floor is for other household wares ornaments and other stuff.  The last floor is the Commission on Elections office. Marikina Wet Market is known not only by the residents of Marikina but also by its neighboring district like Pasig and Quezon City and even provincial sector of Rizal.  As a sign of reputable, clean and organize public market, the place have been chosen to shot a scene in the recently sequel of Bourn Legacy just last year.  The Marikina Wet Market is one of the great places you will see at Marikina and the Marikeños are proud of having one of the cleanest wet Markets in the country.  Marikina market mall opens as early as 3 am until 12 midnight.

Usually people go here as early as four in the morning until 8 am. I can say even the rarest item you want to see is here, whether food or non-food item.  Marikina Market Mall is just 5-minute walk from Marikina City Hall and Marikina Sports Park. It is accessible to public transportation such as tricycle, jeepneys, FX, and cab. Marikina Wet Market is equipped with CCTV camera and barangay police to secure peace and orderly.  Therefore, if you are visiting Marikina City, you can go here and enjoy shopping.

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