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If you are looking for a cool adventure in Cebu, one of the latest hype in the province is the Whale Shark watching in Oslob Cebu. They are commonly known as Butanding in Luzon but in Cebu, they are called as Tuki. This is one thing you should not miss if you are visiting Cebu or even if you are from Cebu! My girlfriend and I went there for a weekend getaway to release some stress from work. Below are some of the details we experienced during our Tuki Adventure in Oslob.

Butanding Whale Watching

The fisherman and one of the Whale Sharks


Most probably, one of the questions you have right now is how to get to Oslob to experience the fun and adventure of Tuki watching yourself. Don’t worry, I got your back. First things first, the Whale Watching is only available from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM, therefore you might want to consider going to Oslob early to avoid the crowd of tourists usually around 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM and also to have more time to explore other attractions the town of Oslob has to offer you.

Here is the guide on how to get to Oslob, Cebu assuming you want to ride a bus to get there:

  • Go to Cebu City South Bus Terminal. If you are coming from the Mactan Airport, you can hire a taxi cab and tell the driver to go to Cebu City South Bus Terminal. The yellow taxis in the airport are a bit expensive, expect to pay around Php300 but the white taxis, which can be found near the departure ramps, are cheaper which usually costs around Php200 from the airport to the bus terminal.
  • Upon entering the bus terminal, you need to pay a terminal fee around Php10.00
  • If you are not from Cebu, you can ask at the in terminal fee in-charge on where is the bus with Bato-Oslob route.
  • If you are from Cebu, you can directly look for a Ceres Bus Liner with Bato-Oslob trip, the non-aircon usually costs around Php145 while the aircon bus is around Php155.
  • Upon paying the conductor of your bus fee, you can ask him to drop you off in Brgy. Tan-awan, Oslob. They will usually know that you are going there to enjoy Whale Watching and drop you off at the entrance of Whale Shark watching resorts.
  • Once you are at Brgy. Tan-awan, you are free to choose on which resort seems to be good for your taste. The common entrance fees of the resorts are around Php50-100 which gives you access to their facilities like the shower, parking, and safekeeping area for your things.
  • When you have chosen the resort you think is best for you, a boatman usually guides you to the Barangay desk for registration. The registration fee per person is Php300, for snorkeling/swimming/watching, and Php500, for diving. For snorkeling and watching, equipments and life vest are already included on the fee but for diving, you have to bring your equipment. You can also rent additional equipments like underwater camera at the Barangay desk.
  • After the registration, the barangay officials will conduct a short briefing for every batch of tourists. They will discuss the different rules and regulations of the event and the equivalent fines for those rule breakers.
  • When the briefing is done, you can now go to your own banca with boatman guide to enjoy the adventure which typically lasts no more than 20-30 minutes.
  • If you decided to get home after the trip, you can wait for a bus near the entrance of the resort you are in bound for Cebu.
Butanding Whale Watching

A closer look

Butanding Whale Watching

The Divers

Overall, the entire trip is really relaxing and astonishing. Seeing those Whale Sharks (Gentle Giants) swimming near you is a breathe-taking experience. Sadly, I hear some news that there are quite a number of people who plea to stop the fisherman in continuously feeding the whale shark because it might disrupt their natural feeding habit and become tamed in the future. The root of the plea can be traced on a captured photograph of Fermin, one of the biggest whale sharks you can see during the adventure, who has some cuts on his head. According to the report in Inquirer, marine researchers found out that Fermin suffered serious cuts which may have been caused by some boat propellers. They are thinking that whale sharks might have approached nearby boats thinking mistakenly that they will be fed. Conferences and close-door meetings are still being held today.

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