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A three-hour travel from Bacolod to Sagay City urged me to wake up before sunrise. It was only 4am yet I already found myself waiting at the bus terminal with my bag and my ringing phone. I was going to Sagay City for the first time and we were ready for an adventure of crossing the Inangtan Hanging Bridge.

Inangtan Hanging Bridge

Inangtan Hanging Bridge

We caught the sunrise while on our way to Sagay City. Inangtan Bridge is specifically located in Barangay Maquiling, Sagay City, Negros Occidental. We need to travel so early in order to maximize our time. Here’s our own way of reaching the Inangtan Hanging Bridge.

Bacolod Northbound Terminal to Sagay Bus Terminal

  • We took a Ceres bus via Escalante City

Sagay Bus Terminal to Barangay Dian-ay, Escalante City

  • We had to stay at a friend’s house in Barangay Dian-ay for a while to leave our things and prepare ourselves for the hike.

Barangay Dian-ay to Inangtan Hanging Bridge

  • Habal-habal or motorcycle is the usual means of transportation there. Good thing, our friend’s brother had a motorcycle so we did not need to hire one.

The Motorcycle Ride

Honestly, I have a huge phobia on motorcycles. Our destination was a few kilometers away so I had no choice but to face my fear. I was at the middle, holding close to the one driving the vehicle. Good thing my Tita Chang was at my back to keep me calm. Funny though but I can never imagine myself nervously riding on a motorcycle while wearing a skirt.

Instead of noticing my shaking legs, I began to take a deep breath and appreciate the nature’s beauty along the way. A motorcycle ride in this place is far more different than that of the city. No big buildings, no smoke belching and they even have no traffic lights. Honestly, it was just my third motorcycle ride in my entire life and I realized that it was actually fun. Holding close, it seemed that I was seeing a painting that came to life as I inhale real fresh air.

Sagay City | Inangtan Hanging Bridge, Sagay City

Inangtan Hanging Bridge connects the two areas separated by Sagay’s Himogaan River.

The Hike

We need to hike before we reach the hanging bridge. We enjoyed walking on a soft and fertile ground. I even decided to take off my slippers so I could walk as fast as my Tita Chang and our two other friends.

They residents we met along the way were cheerful enough to greet good morning though I know that they already took a very long walk from their homes going to the highway. Some of them were bringing a basket of vegetables, a few kilo of rice, fish and even a sack of charcoal.

The Hanging Bridge Experience

The sound of the rushing water signifies that we were near to our destination. After a short trek, we had finally reached the Inangtan Hanging Bridge. Only a few people could have gone into this remote place. It was amazingly perfect.

Sagay City | Inangtan Hanging Bridge, Sagay City

Reddish rocks along the riverbank added more beauty to the place.

Before deciding to cross the hanging bridge, we enjoyed taking photos with a huge rock formation beside the riverbank without minding the heat of the sun. The silent water and the reddish colored rocks beautify the area.

The hanging bridge was just above the wide and calm Himogaan River. A combination of bamboo, steel and rope were carefully built to connect the two areas separated by the river. Only one person can fit with its width. Carefully crossing a seemingly unsecured hanging bridge for the first time was indeed an adventurous experience for me.

Sagay City | Inangtan Hanging Bridge, Sagay City

Pointing at the hanging bridge.

It really takes a lot of courage to finally reach the opposite end. Tita Chang, who was the last person to do the dare walked slowly but surely. She said that she was somewhat afraid of the winds that cause the bridge to move. It was not her first time to cross Inangtan Hanging Bridge yet our eyes were all set to her.  With a little encouragement from the daring us, she had strongly crossed the bridge once more.

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