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Sunken Garden Muntinlupa

Sunset at Sunken Garden (Photo by: Gerard Gudes)

There is such a place as Sunken Garden in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) Reservation Compound, Muntinlupa City. It lies along the way from the Grotto (Cannon Hill) to the main building of the NBP.

The Sunken Garden has two layers. The Upper layer is long and wide space covered with grass. It is ideal for dance rehearsals, platoon drill, stretching, strolling, jogging, and biking for picnic and for group study or friends bonding.

The lower layer is planted with different vegetables and some root crops. It is a small piece of land which cannot be known if you’re taking a car or staying in a distance.

Many Elementary pupils, High School and College students are spending few hours after their classes to unwind, to review their notes, read books, play, or have group bonding. There are also other people coming and staying late at night especially if the sky is clear where you can gaze the stars and moon or even shoot the deepest space by bringing your own specialized telescope. Others bring their mats and have some snacks while others spend for few hours reminiscing their childhood in this place. They don’t worry for security because this place has guards roaming around and there are checkpoints posted along the way. During weekend and if the weather is good, the number of people increases.

At summer time, the color of the Sunken Garden turns into brown for the grasses that cover it wither but in rainy days the color of the garden becomes a lively green again.

People begin to congregate as early as 5:00 am until 8:00 am where they have their usual jogging sessions or stretching in the garden. In the afternoon, people are coming at around 4:00 pm until 10:00 in the evening. One can take the fresh air and feel the romantic moment when the moon comes out to shine the dark sunken garden at night.

The road surrounding the oval has its trees on both sides like narra, mango, and other fruit bearing trees such as santol and caimito. Flowers perfume the place early in the morning while they have the due evaporates as the sun sprays its golden rays to the place. Because the Sunken Garden has an open space of almost three standard ovals, it lets the air to flow freely in many directions. It literally makes the trees dance as they wave their branches and make their leaves whisper.

The place has full of natural phenomena which let the nature-loving people enjoy the moment by spending hours just to sit, relax, and talk to their friends or even listen to music. The Sunken Garden is a natural made attraction. It is free for the public and it is maintained by the people of the Bureau of Corrections.

The place has been considered the best location for many commercial ads and films. Just recently, the Bonux laundry powder has chosen the place in their commercials ads. This proves that it has still the enchanting beauty that captures the attention of individuals, groups, and institutions.

The terrain solicits someone to reflect on the Great Designer-Creator upon seeing the splendid beauty of natural landscape with a perfect blend of the silhouette of the century-old trees around together with the hymns of birds. Christian retreats and fellowships are held here especially after the Holy Week. They come for the observance of Easter. Even if a lot of activities would to simultaneously do their respective activities, the place could still contain them.

The Sunken Garden is a God-given treasure which needs to be taken care of. It is a pride for the Muntinlupeño which has been handed down from generation to generation.

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